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Sample motivational materials

Stuff for Teachers will offer a variety of free and paid for motivational materials, including posters, stickers, badges and word walls. This section will include generic materials in English and Welsh. You will also be able to order materials to your own specifications in a variety of languages. Contact us for further information.


Believe in yourself (pdf: 126kb)
Open door (pdf: 87kb)
Think for yourself sample image
Think for yourself (pdf: 60kb)
Sociology makes you sexy (pdf 656kb)

For teachers of Welsh

Wyt ti wedi gwneud dy waith cartref? (pdf: 91kb)
Ffordd o fyw yw'r Gymraeg (pdf: 76Kb)
Ffordd o fyw yw'r Gymraeg (alternative graphic) (pdf:85kb)
Meddyliwch Gymraeg (pdf: 45kb)
Sample image

Dim ond un siawns (pdf: 10kb)

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