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Association for Citizenship Teaching: Promises to offer links to citizenship resources at all phases.

Centre for Citzenship Studies in Education: Will offer some free material related to its Distance Learning for Citizenship programme.

Citizenship Foundation: Teaching support pages and case studies.

Facts of life: Includes six simple downloadable activity sheets and teachers' notes to accompany this online interactive exploration of puberty. Useful risk assessment warning in relation to practical activities. Supports science and PSE, primarily at KS3 in England and Wales. Created by the Child Growth Foundation and funded by Nestlé UK.

Wired for health: Produced by the Department of Health and DfEE. Covers health and safety topics through a dedicated site for each key stage in which online activities are linked to teachers' notes. These would need to be saved out of html.

Galaxy-h: Produced by the Department of Health and the DfEE. Covers KS2 health and safety topice. Online activities are linked to downloadable teachers' notes. Equivalent sites for KS1, 3 and 4 as part of the Wired-for-health series.

Guardian Learning: From the Guardian newspaper. Focus on KS3/4. Online lessons, including lessons that teach citizenship through subjects.

Oxfam Education Unit: Focuses primarily on 7-13 year olds. Complicated site within which the Cool Planet section includes printable resources for teachers tackling global issues.


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